We understand healthcare is complex and confusing at times. Our pharmacists will help you manage it and make your life a bit easier! 

Our current services will provide you with personalized care:

  • Medication Synchronization
    • Our pharmacists will arrange for all of your medications to be filled at your preferred date each month saving multiple trips to the pharmacy
    • Your medications in always be in stock in time for your next refill
    • We will proactively contact your physician ahead of time so you do not have to worry about missing a dose of your necessary medicine
  • Medication Therapy Management
    • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services are proven to improve patient’s therapeutic outcomes especially for those with multiple chronic conditions, complex medication therapies, and multiple prescribers
    • Pharmacists are the only healthcare profession guaranteed to review every medication when multiple providers are involved
    • Proven to reduce the risk of adverse events due to medication use or misuse
    • Will include personalized medication or lifestyle related action plans and interventions or referrals, if needed
  • Free Delivery 
    • We offer free delivery of your medication and any over-the-counter medication you need to your home or desired location
    • The pharmacists will still provide important counseling about your medications upon delivery through a video counseling call
  • Preventative Medicine
    • Medications can have a vital role on your health and improve your long-term quality of life. However, chronic use of some medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) can lead to depletion of necessary vitamins and nutrients
    • Our pharmacists will analyze your medications with your health profile in a nutrient depletion evaluation to ensure you are receiving the best possible therapy.
    • Our pharmacists will also address evidence-based recommendations for lifestyle changes depending on your diagnoses to help you with your health
  • Pocket Prescription Record
    • You are constantly asked about your current medication information in hospitals or in doctor’s offices. We know it is very difficult to keep an accurate account of it all, especially when there has been recent changes. 
    • We will supply a detailed list of your current medications to reflect all important information you may need for an office visit or when faced with an emergency
    • Our pharmacist will update your medication list with every new addition or removal of medication